Advancement Via Individual Determination

The AVID Elective course centers on preparing students for college readiness.  Students will set, review and refine short- and long-term goals for the purpose of understanding the value in taking charge of their actions.  To support their academic growth, they will participate in weekly tutorial sessions and apply WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) strategies. 

Philosophical Chairs, Socratic Seminars and other activities will help students to enhance their communication and reasoning skills. They will learn to take focused notes and work in peer writing groups. Students will gain college knowledge and study careers of interest via motivational speakers, field trips, research and technology.

This elective will also use the IB MYP Design Cycle which will concentrate mainly on the topics of AVID, community service projects, related systems and products within a global context. Students are encouraged to develop a knowledge, an understanding and an appreciation of the design process in order to create solutions to problems.