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Mission & Goals

El Sereno MS and Wilson HS IB Partnership


The mission of El Sereno Middle School and Woodrow Wilson High School is to empower all students with the skills and knowledge to become compassionate, inquisitive, principled young people who create a more peaceful world through global awareness, critical thinking, and a commitment to action and service.


Our vision is to create an academically rigorous school of international merit where all stakeholders function as a cohesive and collaborative learning community to ensure that all students succeed as knowledgeable, ethical and caring citizens of the world.

Belief Statements

  • We believe El Sereno Middle School provides a quality education, which enables students to achieve at their highest level of ability.
  • We believe that all members of the school community, staff, students and parents, have an ethical responsibility towards each other. This responsibility includes honesty, integrity, accountability and good citizenship.
  • We believe our school environment provides intellectual stimulation through challenging work and experimentation utilizing the creativity and imagination of students and staff.
  • We believe that humor and enjoyment are essential elements of a successful learning and teaching environment.
  • We believe that El Sereno Middle School maintains high expectations and promotes life-long learning skills for students, parents, and school personnel.
  • We believe that all members of the school community encourage teamwork demonstrates respect for people in a clean, safe, and secure environment.
  • We believe El Sereno Middle School is a community that values and provides equal opportunities for all students, parents and school personnel.