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ESMS & WHS'S Shared IB Policies

All of the following text is taken from MYP: From Principles into Practice for use from September 2014/January 2015

All schools offering the MYP must develop and implement language, assessment, inclusion/special educational needs (SEN) and academic honesty policies that are consistent with IB expectations. All policies developed by the school should be public and readily available to staff, parents and students.

It is a requirement that every IB World School offering the MYP has a policy to promote academic honesty. Academic honesty in the IB is a principle informed by the attributes of the IB learner profile. In teaching, learning and assessment, academic honesty serves to promote personal integrity and engender respect for others and the integrity of their work. Upholding academic honesty also helps to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquire during their studies. ESMS Academic Honesty Policy

An assessment policy is derived from the school’s and the IB’s assessment philosophy and principles, which must be consistent with each other. It is constructed around educational and pedagogical values and, therefore, represents a statement of intent and action describing principles and practices for achieving educational goals relating to all aspects of assessment. ESMS Assessment Policy

Schools must develop and implement an inclusion/special educational needs (SEN) policy that is consistent with IB expectations and in accordance with local legislation and the school’s admission policy. ESMS Special Education Policy

A school language policy provides a dynamic framework for promoting the development of interpersonal communicative skills, threshold literacy that leads towards academic language proficiency, and confident identities. ESMS Language Policy